About Nutricoa

Nutricoa is the brain-child of Anne Weyns-Papaleo who is no stranger to the worlds of science and chocolate. A simple and personal observation after too many years of buying supplements and not taking them lead her to the A-ha moment: we all want to look after ourselves but no one likes to swallow a pill!
Surely there had to be a more pleasurable way to replenish our bodies with essential vitamins and minerals that our hectic lifestyles and imperfect diets often deprive us of.
Three years of research and development ensued defining blends of active ingredients tailored to specific needs and coaxing cocoa beans in providing a delicious vehicle for added benefits to body and mind.
Everyone loves chocolate (9 out of 10 people do and the 10th one is lying).

We all want to look after ourselves but no one likes to swallow a pill!

Nutricoa aims to create chocolate that loves YOU back.

So treat yourself and feel better for it!


Jeremy is Nutricoa’s active ingredients wizard. After 20 years running his own vitamins and supplement company, he became a consultant and helped develop over 3000 formulations for clients all over the world. His expertise in ingredients, efficacy and food and supplements law is on par with his dedication to develop products that deliver benefits tailored to specific needs, starting with beauty and female well-being.


After studying mathematical models of oceans and a Master in sciences, Anne joined foor a decade the world of management consulting focusing on retail and pharmaceuticals before rallying to the dark side: chocolate. In 1999 she founded Artisan du Chocolat, one of the most reputable fine British chocolatier and  2016 co-founded Flat Brew, the first coffee spread company.