Finishing touches

Two days before the launch of Nutricoa beauty and well-being chocolate and it is all about the finishing touches. Not to the stand at FoodMatters Live or  to the packaging but to the chocolate itself. Despite several months of getting it tested and tasted by chocolate volunteers and chocolate industry veterans and getting thumbs up, i still want to improve this chocolate that gives you back.

Call me blessed or suffering from OCD – obsessive chocolate disorder.

So our chocolate goes back to melt with precious seeds of vanilla pods. I normally don’t  add vanilla to chocolate as vanilla is mostly used to disguise the taste of poor quality cocoa beans. This is not the case for Nutricoa as we source the finest ground beans from Colombia. However the goodness of all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and for beauty collage and hyaluronic acid (and there is over 20% of active ingredients) need a little rounding off. So back to the gentle sound of the conche for a few hours into the night!



Chocolate genesis

Like many women of my generation – the 40 ish years old one, my life is full of choices but tight on time. My house is a testament of it: often stocked with more food for the cat (her name is Pink) than for humans; its garden, a wild meadow at best...

Peptan Partners

We are proud to be partners of Peptan® Collagen and have reformulated our beauty bar to contain 2g of collagen per serving following advice from the company that makes the most researched collagen in the world. Our beauty bar is not only delicious, ...

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