Chocolate genesis

Like many women of my generation – the 40 ish years old one, my life is full of choices but tight on time. My house is a testament of it: often stocked with more food for the cat (her name is Pink) than for humans; its garden, a wild meadow at best of times. Domestic goddess I am not, not even an elf, perhaps a gremlin. I just don’t have time or energy, I am often too tired or stressed to take care of the house I love or to take care of myself. Once a year, usually during the sales, I will brave the crowds and head to Boots to stock up on vitamins and supplements.I pile the little bottles promising energy, strong bones, shinier hair, fast growing nails and youthful skin into my basket and proudly take them home, delighted to be finally doing something for me.Two to three weeks later, the same bottles, only missing a couple of pills, are spread around the house, some in drawers and some under the furniture after providing some entertainment to Pink. And that is where they remain for a long time.  

My excuse is that i don’t like swallowing pills. Who does? If only they at least coated these in chocolate or made with chocolate, I thought.

The idea for Nutricoa was born there and then: a little daily dose of lovely dark chocolate, delicious, packed with all the vitamins and minerals to feel good – finally chocolates that love you back. About 18 months of research followed my aha moment. Chocolate is a very complex substance composed of fat, sugar, carbohydrates, protein, polyphenols, flavonoids, catechins, caffeine, theobromine, phenylethylamine and up to 3000 flavour compounds. Although the effect of chocolate intake on the human cardiovascular system has been documented, chocolate largely remains a dark mystery.
Amazingly civilisations that predates us by several thousands of years had inherently known the value cacao.Residue left in a small bowl in 1800 B.C. in Mexico provides the earliest evidence of cacao consumption. The first chocoholics, the Mayans named cacao as “the food of the gods” and drank it for ceremonial and medicinal purposes. The Mayans also created a “fast food” cacao by packing it with cornmeal, effectively inventing the first chocolate snack. No other food in history has ever been so revered. Historians and anthropologists may hold many theories for the rise of cacao but there is an undeniable, yet enigmatic bond between chocolate and those who consume it. And I think it is rooted in how chocolate makes you feel, its effect on well-being – something the Aztecs intuitively were aware of.


Finishing touches

Two days before the launch of Nutricoa beauty and well-being chocolate and it is all about the finishing touches. Not to the stand at FoodMatters Live or  to the packaging but to the chocolate itself. Despite several months of getting it tested a...

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